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The Reply Box below should contain details that answer the following questions about your project:  

  • WHO was your target audience?  
  • WHAT was your main learning goal?  
  • COLLABORATORS, if used- who were they, and why were they chosen? 

All the documents associated with this project should then be ATTACHED as files to your message so that they are included together as your reply to this thread when you submit it.

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TITLE: Beyond the Gold: The Alaska Gold Rushes


LEARNING GOAL: Students will demonstrate their understanding of the Alaskan & Klondike gold rushes' impacts on society and Alaska's economy via cooperative learning groups that target different learning styles while analyzing historical primary sources. Students will then synthesize this information in a cumulative Socratic seminar with an optional concluding essay.



Title of Project: Religious History of the YK Delta

Who: 9th-12th grade village students of the YK Delta

What: Understand the historical religious movement from Shamanism to Russian Orthodoxy/Moravianism in the YK Delta

Presentation on Shamanism 

Body Rituals of the Nacirema

Links to other resources are included in the body of the document.


Title of Project: Silver Gold! (an unlimited entry salmon fishing simulation designed to model the tragedy of the commons)

Target Audience: 9-12 in AK Studies, Biology, Ecology, or Economics

Main learning goal: My main learning goal is that students will understand the necessity of management of natural resources, and how statehood has allowed Alaska to optimize salmon harvests.

I am attaching the lesson plan in pdf. The pdf has active links to all resources required for the execution of this unit, unfortunately if I modify anything, the pdf will become obsolete, so I recommend instead of the pdf you  click on this link right here to view in Google Drive.


I couldn't figure this out earlier. Here is the link to all of the original files referred to in the lesson plan in a Google Folder: High Powered Go Anywhere Link

Title: Alaska's National Parks

Audience: 9-12 Grade

Learning Goal: How do Alaska’s national parks demonstrate Alaska’s unique cultures, human history, and natural history?

Collaborators: None


More resources


More resources

More resources

Not everything will fit in the 5MB limit, so here is a link to my Google Drive folder with all the resources:

  • Title: Jim Crow in Alaska and the  Inequality of Today
  • Audience:  9-12th Graders  
  • Main Learning Goal: Analyze Jim Crow laws and the impact it made in Alaska. Using this information, students will interact with their community to explore the impact of inequality today. 

If any of the links are missing or corrupted, here is my google drive.

(the master PDF is at the bottom. I deleted it, thinking I could reupload it.)




and more  


Master PDF / Unit Plan      I saw a glaring spelling error so I had to reupload it. 



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