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The Reply Box below should contain details that answer the following questions about your project:  

  • WHO was your target audience?  
  • WHAT was your main learning goal?  
  • COLLABORATORS, if used- who were they, and why were they chosen? 

All the documents associated with this project should then be ATTACHED as files to your message so that they are included together as your reply to this thread when you submit it.

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TITLE: Atertayagaq

WHO: 7th grade

WHAT: That qanruyutet are worth studying



Steller's Legacy for AK Studies 9th graders The main learning goal was to have students consider multiple perspectives and determine the impact of Steller and Bering on the future of Alaska.

The lesson plan is attached:

Title: Sydney Huntington: Cultural Broker

Grade Range: 9-10 ELA

Time Required: 1 Lesson

Introduction/Lesson Overview: The purpose of this lesson is to allow students to connect to and analyze the multicultural background of Sydney Huntington while reviewing key events from Shadows on the Koyukuk. Students will pinpoint key locations on a map and described why each location is important and what events occurred.

Guiding Question: How does Sydney’s geographical location influence his lifestyle?

Learning Objective: Students will analyze a particular point of view or cultural experience reflected in a work of literature, drawing on a wide reading of world literature.

Title: Interactions with the Environment

Target Audience: 9th - 12th grade students

Learning Goal: For students to draw connections across time periods and between subject matters to gain a deeper understanding of the world that they currently live in and how it was created.

I collaborated with Jessica Spencer on this project. She and I both work at Bartlett High School and are interested in creating a curriculum with a more thematic-approach to teaching.


TITLE OF PROJECT:  Alaska Timeline


LEARNING GOAL: This lesson is designed as the final unit of a year-long 3rd grade Social Studies study of Alaska’s land and people.  Students have studied Physical Alaska (including regions, climate, and resources) and Alaska’s Native People (including traditional culture and changes post-contact).  In this unit students will learn about Alaska’s history post-contact and create a group time line of Alaskan history.

COLLABORATORS:  Lucy O'Hara (partner teacher)


More documents


TITLE OF PROJECT: Mine Your Business

WHO: 3rd Grade Students

WHAT: In this lesson students will write a five paragraph essay listing three specific reasons for wanting to own a business of choice or why they would want to be a miner. 




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