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Which themes were highlighted in the Migrations lecture?


The lecture highlighted the many different land regions of the diverse state of Alaska. Stretching from arctic lands to the fertile river and mountainous areas that have drawn the people to those areas for multiple resources that shaped their lives. The animals, flora and fauna are shaped by the diverse eco-regions presented in the lecture as well as the peoples who followed them through out the seasons. These abundant resources that are found available across the vast open land of Alaska is and are still remain a focal point today.


Which articles surprised you and why?


I found the article about ANCSA to be interesting. The passage of the Act provided the people with their traditional subsistence lands and the lands that their families had occupied over many generations. In order to find a fair and just settlement without losing more of their lands to the changing cultures occupying the land. There are many sides to the act that may reflect positively or push native cultures into a new lifestyle that is unfamiliar and far from their traditional ways. So after 40 plus years how do the people look at the act and the impact it has made on the corporations that developed? How does the subsistence pieces fit now?


            Finally, how might you utilize this information in the classroom?


In third grade we delve into the main Alaskan cultures and where they originated from within the state. We also look at where they are presently and how they impact the state. We follow the people from their summer homes to their winter hunting grounds and we look at the plants, the terrain, and its proximity to water and food sources to explain their migration patterns. Addressing these multiple eco-systems will add to that study. 

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I am looking forward to discussing and sharing ideas for the materials that you use in your third grade class as you explore this theme with your students.


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