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Brave New World: How technology has created a new world of electronic creativity, socialization, and democracy

All three of these videos seek to make sense of the impact of digital technology on our lives and they all tend to paint in broad strokes, the real impact is as individual as each user and their willingness to take advantage of it. For teachers of history, it can open up realms of understanding that were virtually unreachable before the digital age.

Ms. Eidmen-Aadahl focuses on the impact that technology has had on writing. From a history teacher perspective, I have already seen the…


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Japanese Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence in Japanese:

Retranslation Back to English

Partial Retranslation of Fukuzawa Yukichi’s Translation (1866)

When it becomes inevitable for one kin group of people, compelled by the course of events in human life, to leave the…


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21st Century Tools for History

  In the information age we have the answers to a thousand questions at our fingertips within second. Every documented event in history is available with a mere search. But as we all know “History was written by the winners” so inevitably any history written prior to the 21st century will have a skewed representation and often scholars have to dig deeper to find the “other” side to a story or another…


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Technology and Historical Inquiry

Teaching Historical Inquiry


As I watched these three videos and struggled with how to synthesize their messages, I couldn’t help but think of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement—here is “agency” at it’s collective moment—yet these diverse groups struggle for a coherent message. When so many voices speak, the result is babel. Is  Elyse Eidman’s idea of “low barriers of entry” really a benefit? She speaks of the “long periods of apprenticehip” people endured…


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Assignment 1: Due 10/24

One of the most personally interesting themes that was presented in each of the three videos (Eidman-Aadahl, Jenkins and Leadbetter) was the notion that the fundamental shift that the digital age presents is a move from a single-voiced culture to a multi-voiced one and that technology facilitates and creates this shift.  Eidman-Aadahl refers to it as a “collaborative” reality, Jenkins uses the same term (“ a shift from a spectatorial  to collaborative culture”) and Leadbetter calls it a…


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"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows." ...Bob Dylan

       The three assigned video texts constructed by Eyse Eidman –Aadah, Henry Jenkins, and Charles Leadbeater, examined the role of participatory media on society, politics, and culture.  At the heart of each video text was the underlying perception that we are on the cusp of an emerging new era of enlightenment brought about by the tools of our age.  I would disagree.


       Eyse Eidman Aadah reminds us that although we have incredible new technological tools for…


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Elyse Eidman-Aadahl was right about one very important thing that I think is a centralized theme throughout these videos, “Humans have and will always need a way to communicate.” It seems we have expanded technology from something that was originally built to make our lives easier (for example the automobile) and into something that is generally used as another facet of communication (like Facebook, Myspace etc.) I liked how she pointed out that in the past it would take several different…


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test blog

test blog

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