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The story of my life is the story of the people in it (and of the memories that have ben passed on of my forefathers)

John Kustaa Biberg 1855-1933

by Mark J Biberg, Nikolai, Alaska

John Kustaa Biberg was born September 2, 1855 in Kortesjarvi, Finland. He was the son of Juha Kustaa Biberg who was born in 1824 and Lisa Greta who was born in 1821. John had six siblings; he was the forth child and first son. Lisa is from the region just to the south of Kortrsjarvi, called Alaharma. Both were not far from the western coast of Finland where the Baltic Sea water flow in the…


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How can we teach writing to our students in a high school history classroom? (or to our sons and daughters?)

Imitation: A Common Sense Approach

writing and edited (and imitated) by Mark J Biberg, Nikolai, Alaska


This article written by Andrew Pudewa asks the question “How do we learn to read to write or how to we learn to do anything?”  This is a very relevant question in today’s world of high stakes testing and pressure on schools to teach children basic literary skills.

The teaching of writing has swung back and forth like a pendulum without any…


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I want you to be Malawa

Becoming a learner

They conquered the continent with pen, paper, a musket, and powder-  on Lewis and Clark

I support Malawa and think she is a great example for us to follow. If I or any of us had half of her courage we could do amazing things.


What do I want you to be; I want you to become a learner, a self sufficient, Independent learner. My job is to encourage you, set a good example for you model learning for you, ask you…


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