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December 2010 Blog Posts (8)

Being a Cyber Teacher and AHD

Sometimes I find myself at a loss as I work on my LCP's in the context of a cyber teacher. of course it is possible, but the dynamics are different. In a regular classroom, it is personal, connected, and eaiser to build rapport, etc.

As a cyber teacher, I sometimes find myself isolated from my students. I work in an access center (like Winston in 1984) and often spend all day on the computer accessing student work that was submitted via the Internet via the Blackboard system.…


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Lesson on Music and Lynching

Last weeks lesson with my older students on lynching was very difficult for one of my students to swallow. The other 3 took in all in and were very mature in their approach to understand the history behind it. I was impressed with how much they enjoyed the music by Bessie Smith's "Strange Fruit." They tried to really understand the words and were moved by it.

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A week in Sitka

I am spending a week in Sitka to get surgery to have my gall bladder removed. I will be glad to get the surgery over with and I miss my kids and husband.

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The South'ren Perspective

I am debating whether to sign up for the Gilder-Lehrman Institute on Faulkner this summer. As a "yankee" who nevertheless spent some formative years in Virginia, I feel a morbid fascination with the south. The Institute will be held in Missouri, which a colleague from Georgia scoffs, "That's not the DEEP south..." I suppose I have the Northerner's disdain when I teach the Civil War and Reconstruction. Perhaps I need to confront that element in myself, perhaps my disdain is a way of whitewashing… Continue

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MLK Jr. BLD and the Civil Rights Movement by MJB

Today as I was driving to the access center (access to Delta Cyber's servers) I took the scenic route accross Elmore and onto MLK Jr. Bvd. It caused me pause as it usually does, to think about the Civil War and Reconstruction, and the subsequent Civil Rights movement.

I reflected that many groups benefited from the Civil Rights movement of African-American and many people had their own civil rights movement (women, other people of color, native Americans, immigrants, gays and…


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Tech Tools Modeled in AHD by MJB

Using Technology When Teaching

by MJB @ DCS

I like that each learning cycle models the use of particular digital tools. Each tool may or may not be right for our style of teaching or our students, but each is a powerful tool in its own way and should be added to the teaching arsenal of all teachers of American history.

In the first cycle, we used blogs and Google docs. That was a given for because I have blogged extensively in the past. My first…


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My first LCP MJB

I have decided to go forward on my first LCP.

Before I outline my ideas I wanted to be sure that my final product was something I could use right away with my students at the cyber school. Then I also thought that what I do could end up totally off base from the expectations laid out in the rubric.

That woould be fine as there are 3 more lCP's to go and one could use the feedback on the first LCP (and looking at other students' LCP) the 2-4 projects are bound to…


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WOW!, Is it December. MJB

Well, as Christopher Hitchens would say, let's get started, shall we.

Got started on the book about the migration of black Americans from the south to all places north and west (just so it is not in the south anymore); and I was interested in the reasons folks gave for leaving.

Most individuals, as one would guess, gave more personal and emotional reasons for wanting to leave, i.e.- "I am afraid, then white people are getting meaner everyday" (chapter 1) Some…


Added by Mark J Biberg on December 1, 2010 at 7:05am — 1 Comment

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