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Leading By Example, in the 21st Century...

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 How do you raise the collective ability of groups to inquire, learn and use their understanding, in order to make increasingly intelligent decisions about the projects that affect their members?


Elements in our answer (to date):

  • Provide them with easier access to the information that they want & need.
  • Reduce the collaborative barriers between group…

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Caring, Care-Taking, & Taking Care of Business...

What you CARE about is what gets done over time.  The things that you prioritize are the things that get accomplished while other projects and goals fall by the wayside.  We all have dreams and desires that bubble up to the surface of the present moment and seem real and worthy, but many of these objects fall into memory and oblivion without ever having been realized.

What is REALIZED is what we attended to over time.  There is absolutely…


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Leadership in our Professional Learning Network...

When "Leading By Example" is the motto and a focus of your learning organization, you can expect a lot of reflection upon the concepts and dynamics of group leadership. As I have had the privilege of being the primary designer as well as the first network coordinator for the ANUAH Project, I have spent many hours thinking about this and dealing with the realities of trying to develop such a geographically large and intellectually complex network of related projects. I'd like to… Continue

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Complexity & Organization in a 21st Century Professional Development Network...

Complexity is shown in the intricacy and cohesion of interrelated ideas or processes within a system. Some professional development projects operate from very simple organizational models which are quite efficient for executing simple goal sets. Other P-D projects, especially those looking for a vibrant, sustaining, community of practice can be quite complex in design. As reflectivity and the products of reflectivity build up within a teaching & learning… Continue

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Dynamic vs. Static Models for TAH Professional Development

Here's an essay I wrote that was published in the National History Education Clearinghouse encompassing some of my thoughts as I was developing our project,...

Let me know your thoughts on it!

" For educators privileged to help implement a TAH project, perhaps the most important question that we can continue to ask ourselves and each other is: how can we make our projects even… Continue

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