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Opening scene. An automobile makes its way down a dark and streetlight lit road. I remember the exhausted feeling I had driving home. Exhausted from another late night at work, the hour long commute through parking lots of rush hour traffic, and from not seeing my children for the last three days. For these last three days I had gotten up before they were awake, and had arrived home after they had gone to bed. I sat there, on the edge of my five year old son's bed, watching his chest rise and lower. Staring at his perfectly sculpted, angelic like face I thought to myself that life is not supposed to be like this. Second Act. A husband and wife sit on the edge of a king size bed with the setting sun streaming in the cracks through the wooden blinds. I told my wife that something needed to change. That we didn't work so hard to have a family so we could not spend time as a family. That the good Lord has blessed us and in return we need to enjoy these blessings. My job, the commute, the place we live, something had to change in order to make me happy and really reep the rewards of being the luckiest father to ever live. Third Act. A kayak slowly cuts through the shallow rippling water as a pink salmon darts underneath the two figures floating above the water. After another gorgeous day of sunshine, and the fourth and final round of taking all of my children out on a two seater kayak, I look at my daughter, who smiles back at me with that heart melting smile as if to say, I know Dad. I look out at the lush palette of greens that paint the Alaskan forest. The calm, the serenity, the whole thing I take in with a deep, relaxing breath. I look at my daughter, look out over the beautiful water, out into the wilderness of southeast Alaska and quietly, reverently in my mind say, "Thank you dear Lord, Thank You."

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Comment by Mark J Biberg on October 14, 2010 at 3:03pm
wonderful story; great imagery. It sounds like a great family experience.
Comment by Cindee Karns on October 1, 2010 at 12:55pm
Wow! I think I saw this movie! But it's real! Are you keeping a family journal? I hope you are still saying "Thank you dear Lord" after the long winter of isolation. How many miles of road to you have there? If I remember right, you can drive to Craig???? But that's not like anywhere really.

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