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A Rough Draft on Literacy vs Technology (or an update on the ongoing battle with technology in the classroom)

Reading versus Cell Phone/ Game Time:

I want my sons and others I work with to read more and use technology less. I am asking them to be equally proficient in technology and in literacy.

Actually I am asking them to be more proficient in literacy and part of my challenge will be to convince them of a better balance between literacy skills and technology skills. (and I certainly believe in technology skills) (full disclosure that is based on my experience with literacy as the key ingredient in much of what I have done and any success

I may have had in literacy, education, and as a life long learner) I want them: to know that in terms of education, literacy is the basis; the foundation; the means of getting an education, and for many people (young people) do not even get that basic start with reading and basic literacy. (see Malawa)

that we should have more of an appreciation of the gift of literacy, access to education, and how those that came before us have struggled to get educations and to utilize the gift of literacy; and once we have access to literacy, to reading, we need to know it is still the key to learning,

to self learning and life long learning, it is all connected to literacy and reading. (self-directed learner) reading and being a good reader has made all the difference, maybe most of the difference in my life as a student. (Mark Biberg as to what literacy has given him)

; it has given me the miracle of understanding text; a wide variety if text; to be good readers, to be proficient readers, that means understanding what you read , but also to appreciate what you read; and be able to ask questions of what you read, what is said and what is not said (or what is written and what is not written) and how would you say it differently if you were the author, if you had that authority;

to know that you can have that authority as a writer; even a beginning writer; to know that reading and writing are connected (as are reading and thinking) and one should never know that reading and writing and the skills they entail are symbiotic , much like two peas in a pod;

To know that reading for pleasure is the key to fighting boredom; one should never be bored in this life, and if one has the skill of reading for pleasure, a life of reading is so rich and deep and never dull; finally to know that reading is an economic skill;

reading is the key to getting a varied skill set; reading is the key to following your bliss, reading is the key to the old adage: "the more you learn, the more you earn" plus, readers are my friends and I want you all to be my friends, your in reading and literacy, MB

ps- I am working on my own proofreading and editing, so I do see the disconnect of encouraging reading and not always proofreading my own writing

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