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What you CARE about is what gets done over time.  The things that you prioritize are the things that get accomplished while other projects and goals fall by the wayside.  We all have dreams and desires that bubble up to the surface of the present moment and seem real and worthy, but many of these objects fall into memory and oblivion without ever having been realized.

What is REALIZED is what we attended to over time.  There is absolutely no substitute for attention over time.  Genius, talent, and grace can shorten the time necessary for a vision/dream to manifest in the material world, but always at the center, there is time and attention (ENERGY) focused on turning a goal into a reality.  Without that time attending to the work of manifesting a vision, it never becomes real...

In the realm of IDEAS "caring" means that we value something as a positive good and would prefer to see it manifest in the material world.  Doing a good job at work, hoping for world peace, having a tasty dinner tonight, all these are things that, on the intellectual level, I "care" about today.  But what I care about intellectually is a far bigger field than what I actually have time to act upon in the realm of ACTION.  What I actually DO act upon in the material world, is what I (at the deepest level, which can sometimes be below that of cognition) actually do prioritize.  An easier way of saying this is that what we truly care about is what gets done, and what we really don't care about often remains undone, especially when it is we who are primarily responsible for moving it forward toward manifestation.

When we care about basic, elemental things like loving someone well, or being a compassionate listener-- in other words, when our focus is on feelings or values & beliefs -- then "caring" can be a simple act of releasing our natural passion to will a result to manifest.  However, when we care about bringing into being complex, multifaceted representational GOALS in this material world, then CARING takes on a whole other dimension.  Passion is not enough.  Perseverance, understanding of how this particular vision can take root in your material world and culture, discipline to care about all the small details necessary to see this vision flourish and grow strong, are all necessary elements too.

I mean by the word "Care-Taker" someone who truly cares about the well being of a person or a group of people sharing a common goal or set of goals.  In my own experience common goals can be oriented around a household, a cooperative lodge, or an educational community of teachers & learners inquiring in common directions.  In all these cases, the evidence of CARING is the same.  In the material world you will see the fruit of time & effort consciously spent attending to the details of bringing their vision to life.  By their fruits you will know them...

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Comment by Mark J Biberg on April 28, 2014 at 5:59pm

I really like this essay. I am working on a master's in counseling education at UAA and want to work with returning Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan; I think this essay speaks to many things, including healing, and can be used as part of my already eclectic approach to counseling and healing (including existentialism. Logo-therapy, and Gestalt). But, this also says that we need to be reflective as individuals and to be sure we are taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of others. Powerful statement and I am glad I came across it.

semper healing,


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