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 How do you raise the collective ability of groups to inquire, learn and use their understanding, in order to make increasingly intelligent decisions about the projects that affect their members?


Elements in our answer (to date):

  • Provide them with easier access to the information that they want & need.
  • Reduce the collaborative barriers between group members, by spanning the times and distances that impede sustained interactions
  • Link them with more powerful collaborative tools for sharing ideas and co-creating learning products.
  • Facilitate each group’s development of shared processes and protocols for increasingly refined collaborative inquiry, practice and reflection.
  • Methodically cultivate a system-wide culture of open inquiry & reflection that promotes, highlights and rewards innovative process developers and their high performing groups and projects.


Take this IDEA to ponder then return here to share your own thoughts and questions....

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Comment by John Trampush on January 30, 2016 at 8:32pm

How can this question be used in whole classes, cooperative groups WITHIN classes, and cooperative groups of TEACHERS designing programs of study for their students??

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