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Sartre told us many times that we are all unique, at least in our sense of making choices and having a self awareness of being the agent of that behavior.

He also said that is we are going to become what we should become, or manifest our destiny, it will be through the means of ours choices.

Having goals is a choice and wiring them down and focusing on them can be a part of the process of making them real, making them manifest.

We tend to grow into our goals. Most things start with concepts and gradually are integrated into concrete realities. We need to be willing to stretch our minds to new dimensions.

To be willing think a little differently, to consider other (and other's) ideas even if we do not agree 100% with them. When I still a high school student, before the Marines and before I started college at BSU, I was a very immature student who could not write a paper, could not form an argument, could not debate a topic, and had relatively poor academic skills and academic work ethic (workmanship).

Over time I improved on each one of these areas. I learned to ask the right questions and find people who could help me. In short I grew into my goals.

That is what learning and education are all about:t growth and experiencing new things; making connections and seeing the world in a new light...and then if we are so be willing to share what we know and have learned with the world. (a a very human endeavor)

Sartre once said that that we are always becoming, and that that process is driven by our choices and subconscious drive.

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